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Kickboxing rules can vary from place to place. American kickboxing or American full contact karate uses strikes that rely upon punching and high kicks. Many other combat sports, also known as kick boxing do include lower kicks, knee strikes, grappling manoeuvres and elbows.

Although all of them use the same scoring techniques. The full contact rules of American kickboxing includes a mixture of western boxing and traditional karate. It is prerequisite for the male boxers to wear mouth guard, shin-pads, kick-boots, boxing gloves and protective helmet. Female boxers wear a chest protection great in addition to the gears worn by the men boxers.

The amateur rules are a little flexible and allow the young boxers to borrow from the rules of semi-contact karate rules. For semi contact rules the scores are obtained by executive effective blows surpassing the opponents defence. The equipments of semi-contact kick boxing are similar to full contact kick boxing. Just like full contact kickboxing throws, sweeps and clinch fighting are forbidden. Bouts last between 3 and 12 rounds each lasting 2 to 3 minutes with a minute’s break in between, for both amateur and professionals.

International rules are somehow in contrast to the full or semi contact rules. The rules allow low kicks in addition to the other moves permitted by full contact version of the sport. Rick Roufus and Abraham Roqueni are well known names in the international circuit. Use of elbows and knees are still forbidden. Bouts last 3 to 5 rounds for amateurs in contrast to the previously mentioned rule sets of American kick boxing. Muay Thai is a variation of kickboxing. This is a unique style of kick boxing that allows usages of knees, elbows, sweeps, throws and clinch fighting. Muay Thai, like international kick boxing rules, allows low kicks.