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Pooja Want More Girls From India To Take Kickboxing

The girl from Myore, Pooja Harsha has added another feather in her already illustrious cap; she has become the first woman from the Soth India to qualify as international referee in the ring sports.

Pooja is from the state of Karnataka in India.

Pooja holds the record for being the first woman from the state of Karnataka get the black belt second degree in K1 style. She has received this award from the World Association of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO).

When Pooja was approached to take her view, the delighted Pooja, said, “With this award, I believe all my efforts have been paid off. My tourney from a kick boxer to referee of international level has been phenomenal. I have played many international matches, but being a referee, it is going to be all a kind of different experience and I want to imprint my performance at the international platform as a referee as well. This new profile will be an exciting and challenging for me.”

Speaking about her journey she said, “At first I was trained in karate, but it had its own limitations, so, I opted kickboxing and tried my hands in the sport, where there is no limitation and there is a sea of opportunities present here. It is not like I left karate completely, but because of karate it became easier for me to learn and master kickboxing.”

She further added that,” My father, Haridas, is passionate about sports; he motivated to take the sport make a career in it. Because of him, it was easy for me to take this sport practice it and reach to this level. In India, the girls are still lagging behind in sports, especially this one. I want more girls to come in and take this sport.”