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Chael Sonnen advises Jon Jones to quit Twitter

There is still a month between now and the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s next pay per view event at UFC 159, but that does not imply in any way the fighters of the main event Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen would not engage in a verbal tirade against each other.

The two hard hitting fighters are currently on air as mentors in The Ultimate Fighter but with the episodes filmed a couple of months ago, the anticipation for their match are reaching a whole new level as it draws closer.

Kicks And Punches in Kickboxing

Kicking and punching are the main two areas of kickboxing. Taking an insight into them we find out these things in particular:

- Front kick or push Kick/high Kick – one strikes the face and chest with the foot heel
- Side kick – Striking is done with the foot side or heel with leg parallel to the ground, either at the head or body.
- Semi-circular kick- it is a 45 degree roundhouse kick.
- Roundhouse kick or circle kick – Striking is done here with the foot front or the lower shin to the head or the body in a chopping motion.


Kickboxing originated in Japan, holding the hands of Osamu Noguchi in 1958. It is a Mixed Martial Art that was born from the fusion of Muay Thai and Karate.

By 1970s and 1980s the sports had enjoyed immense popularity in Japan and had expanded beyond the land to reach North America and Europe (especially Germany). It was during this time that many of the most prominent governing bodies were formed. This required formation of the most prominent governing bodies that persist till date.

Kickboxing in Focus

Kickboxing is one of those martial art forms that has caught on at quite a fast rate, and is now one of the most coveted combat sports practiced by people from around the world. Kickboxing recently made it to the news, when It’s Showtime, a kickboxing organization, held its Showtime 59 tournament, and it was a huge success.

Fighters to Fight for ISKA

Gabriel Varga, from Victoria, a well known kickboxer is all set to fight for the ISKA professional world kickboxing title and add his coveted victory as a red feather to his cap. He would appear at Watson Lake in Yukon this September 2012.

In the arena kickboxing championships, this title is very important for all aspirant kick boxers who wish to make it big in this contact sport. There are other titles too such as the WKN world pro title, the WKF pro world title which he has bagged but ISKA is undoubtedly the most prestigious one.


The FCW have recently managed to convince and get Cody Rhodes to fight a match at their championship to be held at Orlando on the 21st of March this year.

They have been quite organized and focused in their plan to get this superstar into the FCW and turn it into a momentous event. Rhodes has been a champion at the WWE and a person of such caliber, making an entry into the FCW is just something to boast about.


Two time veteran at Strikeforce and former world champion in kickboxing, Ray Sefo is set to square off against Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic in a contest that is slated to be striking rules.

The bout had been coming for several weeks now and there was speculation going about it since ages but Sefo announced the fight recently on Twitter that is scheduled to be held on the 10th of March, 2012.

The match will take place at the Zagreb Arena, in the Croatian city of Zagreb and the official announcement regarding the match is slated for the next couple of days.


You might not see many women in your Kickboxing class (yet) but women should give serious thought to joining up - they will be impressed by the conditioning and power it gives their bodies.

Strength and health benefits are important for women, and they can enjoy both these benefits by practicing Kickboxing. The sport prepares women not only physically but also psychologically.

More confident


New Zealand has revealed that they will be investigating about the kickboxing event held for children. The clash between Jasmine Parr, 8, and Georgina Barton, 7, was held at Broadwater PCYC on Saturday night for $100 prize money.

Child Safety and Sports Minister Phil Reeves says he was appalled by images of the girls in the fight.

Mr Reeves says he has instructed the director-general of the Department of Communities to investigate the situation.

He says he understands children may enjoy the sport but that there are greater considerations.


Kickboxing action is going to be plentiful at Accra, which is hosting the latest round of championships. The World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) event sees Isaac Aikins of Bushido Club take on Steavano Tuekpe of Power Zone Club in the main bout of the night which promises fireworks as both boast world class experience having fought and won many international championships for Ghana.