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Bruno Bastos Association continue dominance of Jiu Jutsu

The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation organized the Dallas open recently. It was swept by the Bruno Bastos Association. The fighters put in their best efforts to clinch the title for the fourth consecutive time. The star members of the team are GMA Bastos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Midland under Bruno Bastos himself and GMA Alvarez Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the veteran Daniel Alvarez himself. The other members of the academy also put in their best efforts. It was a complete team work from them. Over the years they have practices together and the results of the same came out only recently.

Dominic Cruz To Decide Whom To Fight Against

In February at UFC 169 Urijah Faber just finished a four clash winning line by taking a title confront loss to Renan Barao. Faber is now preparing to walk back into the ring for other wrestle which he had faced before, though his carrier now has been bookended by Barao setbacks.

Tough Time For Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is going to face a very tough challenge against Timothy Bradley who is the WBO Welterweight champion. He will be facing him on the 12th of April at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas which is in Nevada. This is the reason why he is being provided with the best partner in his gym by Freddie Roach. This was confirmed by Roach on the occasion that Pacquiao could fight with his previous enemy, Migueal Cotto who is the three division world champion and is equally set for the upcoming WBC Middle weight champion Sergio Martinez in the month of June.

Calzaghe rules out coming out of retirement to fight winner of Groves-Froch

Legendary Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe has insisted that there is no chance he will come out of retirement to take on the winner of the George Groves versus Carl Froch rematch.

Instead, the undefeated Welshman will travel to the United States of America to take his place among boxing elite at the Hall of Fame, expecting the young Englishman to continue his legacy as the latest Briton to become the Super Middleweight champion.

Bantamweight move intrigues Cub Swanson

There has been a lot of talk recently about Jose Aldo vacating his Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Featherweight Championship belt and moving up to 155 lbs and fight Anthony Pettis in a super fight for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

But this situation also begs the question about who gets the fight for the vacant belt.

Super Kombat gets new deal

Super Kombat, the kickboxing organization from Europe has announced a new sponsorship deal that will see the promotion continue their immense emphasis on the development of the sport’s future.

For any fan of the combat sport, there are high chances that they have heard of the work that the promotion has done to the development of the sport. The company that is based in Europe has been widely consistent in putting together highly entertaining shows that have featured some of the most prominent faces of the sport from all over the world, especially in the Heavyweight weight category.


Kickboxing rules can vary from place to place. American kickboxing or American full contact karate uses strikes that rely upon punching and high kicks. Many other combat sports, also known as kick boxing do include lower kicks, knee strikes, grappling manoeuvres and elbows.

Kickboxing Days

When used in the narrow sense, kickboxing is used to describe styles that “Self-identify” as kickboxing, example- American kickboxing and its Japanese counterpart, like the shoot boxing and K1 with their own set of techniques and rules. However from a broader perspective, it includes all the standup sports that include kicking, punching and striking as self-defending moves and attacks.

12-year-old Wonder Boy Chosen

A 12-year-old school boy named Kyle Williams has been chosen to become the member of the England’s kickboxing squad. At such a tender age of 12, he has made his way to the world championship tournament.

Only last year he was introduced to the sport and has done amazing improvements ever since. He takes six training sessions which are too hard for a 12-year-old kid as him but he made it and this is where he stands now.

Kickboxing tips

Kickboxing has become a popular sport. A mixture of martial arts and standup combat sports, it roots are in the field of martial arts. This sport comes in different forms, one of which is Japanese. In 1993, it developed in to what is known today as K-1. This sport is also the subject of many sports bets. Many online casinos offer sports betting as part of their repertoire of games. The sports offered do vary but many today do offer martial arts betting such as with kickboxing.