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Kicks And Punches in Kickboxing

Kicking and punching are the main two areas of kickboxing. Taking an insight into them we find out these things in particular:

- Front kick or push Kick/high Kick – one strikes the face and chest with the foot heel
- Side kick – Striking is done with the foot side or heel with leg parallel to the ground, either at the head or body.
- Semi-circular kick- it is a 45 degree roundhouse kick.
- Roundhouse kick or circle kick – Striking is done here with the foot front or the lower shin to the head or the body in a chopping motion.

Other than these, there are other specialized kicking techniques, which include spinning kicks, jumping kicks, and their derivatives such as Hook kick (heel kick), Crescent kick and forward crescent kick, Axe kick, Back kick, Sweeping etc.

In kickboxing, One can combine the jumping versions of all kicks with the spinning versions of the back, side, hook and axe kicks.

Punching techniques in kickboxing are seen to be almost identical punches charged in boxing
- Jab – straight punch from the front hand, to either the head or the body
- Cross (Straight punch)
- Hook – rounded punch to either the head or body in an arching motion
- Uppercut – just like boxing.
- Short straight-punch short strike to chin
- Backfist –this is done from the front hand, reverse-back fist and spinning back-fist are done from the back.
- Flying-punch –diving in and punching the opponent.
- Cross-counter it is type of a counterpunch
- Overhand (overcut or drop) – It is given to slipping opponent.
- Bolo punch – a combination of a wide uppercut/right cross/swing.
- Half-hook and half swing.
All these techniques of kickboxing need a lot of practice to master and application of the right technique at the right moment decide the real winner.