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Kickboxing Trainer Teaches At Age 65

If you are in your forties and think that it is too late to venture into martial arts think again.

Kickboxing as a way to fitness is being offered by Stanley Holcomb.

As he maintains his own fitness levels even in the sixties he has opened up his own classes at Fitness Evolution. Located in Hyattsville, he has several women students in his class. Holcomb then provide the lead and others follow suit, wrapping their hands and preparing to punch, kick and pummel in the air.

Holcomb at sixty five, an age when many people submit to pains and aches, remains light footed and fit, he bounces and shows a jab combination which is something trying for women who are half his age. Kickboxing in cardio style is taught by him twice a week at the studio. Holcomb shares the secret to staying fit for his age. He states that one has to listen to their bodies. Even though he has undergone several surgeries, he has learnt to pace himself. With age one gets wiser. Hence, eating small portions of food and getting regular checkups done keeps him fit and healthy enough to practice kickboxing.

For those who wish to know what inspired him, it was “Enter the Dragon” by Bruce Lee in 1973. The artistry, power that was showcased in the movie had captured his imagination. However, later on he joined a karate studio located in Silver Spring. Here he trained with Kim Ki Whang. While training with Kim he even competed in many tournaments and gained top ranks. Holcomb even won the title of a grand champion at an Eagle Karate Classic style which was taught by his master. Holcomb stated that Kim taught him to persevere. Holcomb decided to start a new style in his fitness studio instead of taekwondo and karate. Tae Bo is a mix of cardio and martial arts, seemed to be the right choice.