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Kickboxing Started Off As A Gym In Chicago

Kickboxing as a gym facility is offered in many places.

One reputed brand or chain of kickboxing ventures is I Love Kickboxing. It is set to open up their first location in Chicago. It would be opened up in the month of July. It is being set up by Dennis de Ramos, who has opened up the new outlet at Wicker Park. Being at Bucktown, it is one of the premier outlets in Chicago, which is primarily a fitness franchise that originates from New York. The storefront of the new facility would be having an area of 3707 square feet of space.

The gym would have programs of group fitness. Located at 1720 W. North Avenue, you will be able to combine resistance as well as cardio training with short intervals. These would be programmed as an hour long workout programs. Dennis de Ramos has been on a roll as a successful franchise owner of I Love Kickboxing. He even started another outlet at Aurora.

He stated that the Bucktown area was selected as the physical activity levels as well as the age of the residents seemed congenial for such a gym. He also felt that this type of fitness regime is often overlooked. It helps one to fight and fend off others, takes off from other’s energy levels and in the process stress is reduced. Ramos has designed his gym workout programs to be coed. There would be interval training of high intensity where students would have to kick as well as punch on heavy bags that are standing on the ground. The class can take up to 64 people and has 32 bags to work with. Ramos would be taking on about ten workers as well as instructors to be the staff for the venue.