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Joe Schilling Pledges To Continue

Joe Schilling has taken a pledge to compete in martial arts as well as kickboxing in the year 2015.

He is sure to fulfil his promise in the year 2015. With Glory, the organization of kickboxing which is considered premier he has signed a multi deal programme. Sherdog reported it.

In the earlier outing of Glory, Schilling left a lasting impression where on June 14 he was placed second to Artem Levin. The tournament was titled as “Last Man Standing”. He has had 18 victories together in kickboxing out of which 11 have been come in the way of knockout.

On November 15 he made his way at Bellator 131. Among his memorable contests, Melvin Manhoef was the person who gave him a tough fight. In the second half the match was over midway due to a strong right-left combination by Schilling. After that Schilling grew all the more in vigour and deemed to fight it out forth right by being head strong. Glory 19 will also be focused and remember the match. Schilling is going to have a fruitful year as he is going to be very busy in 2015 with lots of matches lined up. In MMA as well as in kickboxing he is going to try his luck. His contract with Bellator is intact and he is also going to be in the ring of kickboxing as his deal is signed with Glory.

On February 6 he is going to compete at Glory 19 against Robert Thomas at Los Angeles. Much of his success is attributed to kickboxing. After losing to Artem Levin, Schilling has not been in a kickboxing match. He had a short stint with MMA in 2008 where he was down by 1-3. His journey has been quite exciting which he is going to continue throughout in 2015.