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Bantamweight move intrigues Cub Swanson

There has been a lot of talk recently about Jose Aldo vacating his Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Featherweight Championship belt and moving up to 155 lbs and fight Anthony Pettis in a super fight for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

But this situation also begs the question about who gets the fight for the vacant belt.


Dan Miller has won some and has lost some, and according to his manager and coach Mike Constantino, “He has had a little bit of a tough road recently.”

“Dan is well versed in all areas. Boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,” said Constantino, “For wrestling, he’s been doing it his whole life. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he’s a black belt. Striking, he’s got good technique, but even more so, he gets in there and he er odd\hits hard and has a good chin.”

Miller´s last three fights appear on his record as loses and each of these fights was an all out war.


With Ontario removing its ban on allowing mixed martial arts fighting in the province, local promoters are already lining up potential cards for 2011

Scott Birkhof isn't sitting back and waiting for someone else to bring a mixed martial arts (MMA) card to Peterborough.

Just hours after the news broke that the provincial government is taking steps to regulate MMA fights in Ontario, Birkhof was on the phone Saturday (Aug. 14) making plans to bring MMA to the city.


The inaugural World Combat Games are counting down the final ten days until the launch of the first worldwide martial arts event August 28 to September 4 in Beijing, China.

The brainchild of SportAccord president Hein Verbruggen the event is set to maximize visibility and to further promote sports.Verbruggen is looking to develop multi-sports events for SportAccord as the umbrella organization of 87 International Sport Federations and 17 Associated Members.