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Kickboxing – Best Combat Sport

Kickboxing is a combination of stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching which is developed from karate, Muay Thai and Western boxing. It is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport.

It is a broad term that can be used both in a wide and narrow sense, the earliest forms of the sport included the various Indochinese martial arts especially muay boran, which developed into modern muay thai. In 1950 a Japanese karateka named Tatsuo Yamada first established an outline of a new sport that combined karate and muay thai.


The inaugural World Combat Games are counting down the final ten days until the launch of the first worldwide martial arts event August 28 to September 4 in Beijing, China.

The brainchild of SportAccord president Hein Verbruggen the event is set to maximize visibility and to further promote sports.Verbruggen is looking to develop multi-sports events for SportAccord as the umbrella organization of 87 International Sport Federations and 17 Associated Members.