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12-year-old Wonder Boy Chosen

A 12-year-old school boy named Kyle Williams has been chosen to become the member of the England’s kickboxing squad. At such a tender age of 12, he has made his way to the world championship tournament.

Only last year he was introduced to the sport and has done amazing improvements ever since. He takes six training sessions which are too hard for a 12-year-old kid as him but he made it and this is where he stands now.

Now Kyle is all set to win the World Karate Federation Championships in Italy in October. He almost made it to the first place in Manchester but came second but still got the chance to represent England. It all began when Kyle started training in the martial art Tang Soo Do, and within a short period of time, his home began to be piled up with medals and accolades, black belt and medals in six British and two European Championships.

But then, he became interested in kickboxing which he felt was different from the art that he was learning and excelling in. Then he was taken to kickboxing club, G Force, in Wood Street, Rugby by his mother and that was what turned his life. Even his mother has joined classes with him out of so much of enthusiasm provided by her son.

When asked why he chose such a path, he said, “I wanted to do more sparring so I went for kickboxing instead. It’s not like any other sport. It’s more active and physical. I really want to take it to the next level.

Kyle Williams is currently studying in Bilton High School and dreams of setting up his very own kickboxing club when he grows up and gets older and acquires the title of a world champion.